N/Review: SprezzaBox

So what is Sprezzabox? It is a monthly subscription service that sends out one curated box per month with 5-6 small pieces like ties, pocket squares, and fun patterned socks. The content changes from month to month, but it is usually something along those lines. So, is it worth it? Yes, yes it is. For a month to month plan you pay $28 and can cancel anytime, they have other plans that I won't go into detail on, but if you wish to see them, click HERE. You can also buy the boxes on their website, you just pay slightly more for one time transactions. 

When building a wardrobe, the small accents such as a tie, and pocket square take an outfit to the next level. For someone who is new to the sartorial arts, this service is a life saver. The pieces you receive each month complement each other nicely, and from what I have seen so far go together perfectly. 

What are the brands you are receiving in these boxes? Usually small, emerging brands. The quality of the tie for instance, is comparable to something you might pickup from J. Crew. The box acts as somewhat of a sampler platter for ties, and pocket squares. While it is not luxury-class products, the quality is fair, and by no means cheap. 

In summery: If you are trying to step up your wardrobe game, and are in need of a few accent pieces to tie things together this is just the service for you. It is something I wish I had earlier on in my quest for outfit greatness, and it can really help train your eye to what pieces go together.

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