N/W Style: The four casual shoes every guy needs for Summer/Early Fall

Most guys like me get an overload of ads telling us what we need to step up our summer wardrobe. As much as I love shoes, at the end of the day, I don't want to have to deal with 50 pairs of shoes. This is my list of basic shoes every guy can use for the warmer months of the year, all for under $120. 

1. The Loafer: Johnston & Murphy

This is the most flexible shoe in the list. This shoe can be worn out to dinner with a crisp, button-down and blazer, or you can throw them on as you're headed out to grab coffee with shorts and a polo. I bought a pair of Johnston & Murphy loafers at the beginning of summer and have not regretted it once. Not only are they refined and stylish but, unlike most loafers, they are incredibly comfortable and can be worn daily. 

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2. The Sneaker/Skate shoe

This is in my opinion one of the most iconic shoes. The Vans Era 59 is no newcomer to a guy's wardrobe. This classic shoe needs little explanation of why you need it. Wear it with whatever you want. A suit? Sure, go for it. This shoe can go literally anywhere black tie isn't required. From the beach to the city, this shoe will get you wherever life leads you, with or without socks. 


3. The "Running shoe" that you will never run in. 

If you plan on running, this probably is not the shoe for you. But if you want to fool your friends into thinking you are athletic, and need an excuse to wear comfortable shoes while you hangout, this is the shoe for you. It's light, breathable, and goes great with your "day off" outfit. While it lacks much stability control for those of us with high arches, it's going to be the closest thing to walking barefoot that you can get away with in public. 

4. The Boatshoe: Sperrys that are approved for people outside of Middle School to wear. 

So we all had those Sperrys back in middle school, that at the time were cool...now, not so much. If you've graduated middle school it's time to graduate to a boat shoe that is a little more relevant to your age. This is the boat shoe all grown up, we have stepped up to a thinner sole and thinner laces. This shoe will get you from the dock to the wharf-side lunch place while looking good.