Daniel Wellington: The Classiest Watch under $250

Simple, elegant, and affordable? That doesn't happen very often. Daniel Wellington makes one of the classiest watches around. It's design is simple and clean.  The case is a mere 6mm thick, which makes it incredibly comfortable to wear. 


The biggest asset to this watch is how versatile it is. Daniel Wellington, as well as other designers, make bands that go great with this watch. The canvas bands shown below are make by Brooks Brothers. Daniel Wellington is sending me a few other bands they make that are similar to these. I will be doing a compare/contrast post when I receive them. 

This watch comes beautifully packaged, in a leather wrapped case, that screams luxury watch. There is no hint of the $195-229 price tag.

This watch is a great deal for the price tag and, for the month of October, you can use promo code "noahwilliams" to get 15% off your order on Danielwellington.com!